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 Daily Dungeon Group

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Hawkwind Aegis

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PostSubject: Daily Dungeon Group   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:23 pm

I'm throwing this thread up to try and get a group of us around on a daily basis for some dungeon delving fun, with how big the guild is getting the group that is drawn together by the officers shouldn't be the only regular event we have going and doing this.

So here's what I propose according to the guild message there are meant to be 7pm (gmt) guild runs of dungeons however as people have probably noticed getting people together at that time can be a little difficult.

So anyone who's interested in forming up a group for this reply here and add in your availability as honestly there's no point in doing this if it's set to a time no one can attend.

As for me it's pretty much any day from monday through sunday during the afternoons or evenings. With the except of friday as I'm actually social with a group of friends on that evening.

So who's interested?

Edit: Forgot to add may be useful to let us know which dungeons you're interested in, and what classes you want to bring along.

(Any dungeon bar arah in my case and either a ranger or guardian)
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PostSubject: Re: Daily Dungeon Group   Fri Nov 15, 2013 11:31 pm

Ill be able to do it on my lvl 63 warrior so any i can explore in i will do and i'm free Monday to Sunday except Wednesday as i'm training with the local rugby team.

Character name: Bollrokc
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Daily Dungeon Group
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