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 Tips for new players

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PostSubject: Tips for new players   Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:27 pm

hi guild (=

i try to write some basic tips here, since we have some new gw2-players in our guild! (=
but its late.. and i gotthe feeling i will forget some stuff.. i might add some points later ... wink (;

1. you cant fail in GW2, dont worry! wink (;
for example traits you choose can be undone easy and cheap by talking to a trainer (that also sells the manuels for level 11 40 and 60) and to undo traitpoints only cost 5 copper per point.
so its 3,5 silver @ level 80 Happy (=

2. check out the guild wars 2 wiki! envy

3. dont waste your money.
2 maybe 3 silver for a green-item before level 80 is ok, not more.
you wanna have 1gold @ level 40 and 2gold @ level 60, to buy skillbooks(trait-manuals)!

4. Check the "Black Lion Trade House".
many things are reaaaly cheap in the black lion trade house (auction house,.. just check it out)
8 slot bags for example r cheap, food is cheap.. and many other things....

5. spend your karma wisely:
i recommend to buy a rare weapon on level 40, and maybe 60 (vendors can be found in all race cities, or in LA south near the pvp portals).
also, you can buy a karma armor in the end-game.
it costs 42k karma per pice. so 6 x 42k = 252k karma.

6. Do your daily and monthly achievment if you can!
They give Mystic Coins, and these are used for high-end weapons (;
World-versus-World maps are good and easy for daily!
kill 1 enemy Dolyak is 1 event.. + many different creatures are on these maps!

these are all basic tips i can recall for now (=
have fun boys and girls!
cya ingame
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Tips for new players
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