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 the guild bank member rights

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PostSubject: the guild bank member rights   Mon Nov 04, 2013 6:43 pm

hi, i was thinking about the guildbank, my ideas:

1,) Make the first bankstash free for all members, after that only officer if you like...
(now the first is locked for members, while 2nd isnt, but,,. after seeing they cant take from the 1st one,.. not many will try the 2nd imo)

2.) dont put in green sigils or runs please^^.. its.. crap Wink
also.. i put all rare sigils and runes.. in the forge,... maybe getting a good superior...

3.) i forgot^^,.. was something about food^^

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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: Re: the guild bank member rights   Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:16 pm

The bank was organised in the way it currently is as we only need a small bank for WvW items and I want to limit who can take some quite valuable things from that part. It did not need to be large so I opted to "go against the norm" and make the larger one the bank for everyone. I will change their descriptions to more accurately reflect this.

Of course that does lead to a lot of dumping of rubbish, but I do have a clean out every so often. Which brings me to the sigil point, I agree that the lower level ones are trash, but we do consolidate and level them into higher sigils. It does also have the added benefit that lower members and new starters feel like they are contributing something, not everyone is running around with 100s of gold and the knowledge of what is valuable and useful and what isn't.

For the time being therefore the bank will be staying as it is.
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PostSubject: Re: the guild bank member rights   Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:49 am

if you give it a description, it will be fine, i think...
well.. i found it hard to say what shall be put in a guild bank... hence in gw2 aint really much of rare value items.. imho...

i was just wondering if its ok, if i combine the sigils in the forge...
i understand the low level usage of lower sigils though...

anyway.. its all fine^^
cu ingame
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PostSubject: Re: the guild bank member rights   

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the guild bank member rights
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