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 Guild Crafting Service

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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: Guild Crafting Service   Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:56 pm


This has been mentioned in passing previously but I thought I would formalise it.

Please list here if you have max level crafting professions and are willing to craft good for other guild members. Given the economy of guild wars it will be a requirement that materials are sent to the crafter who will then produce the necessary item.

I will leave it up to individuals whether they charge a nominal fee for this or do it out the kindness of their hearts.

If you are happy to offer this service please post below with crafting type and rank. I will update this post with a list of members willing to contribute.

I currently have:-

Armour Smithing (400)
Weapon Crafting (500)
Jewel Crafting (400)
Cooking (400)
Leather Working (400)
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Guild Crafting Service
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