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 Guild Ranks

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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: Guild Ranks   Thu Oct 31, 2013 1:50 pm

Hello, this post is intended to explain the current guild ranks.

Although it does appear more authoritarian than the previous set of ranks, this will not be the case in reality. I am still letting people represent other guilds and there is no requirement for any rank to be on every day etc... we all have lives outside of this game.

The way that people will climb the ranks is representing and taking part, whether that be through guild chat or actual dungeon / PvP etc.. does not really matter.

Me, the seat of all authority. The ultimate appeal and hammer. Annoy me at your peril. Also, I like cookies.

Lord Commander
Those trusted few who will lead our major incursions into the mists / PvE. They have access to all guild resources to do this including being able to activate missions. They are also expected to undertake the duties of a Lord as listed below.

Senior guild members who form an advisory body for the Emperor. They are responsible for debating guild policy and organising day to day events and activities.

Fractal Knight
Senior Knight's who have distinguished themselves from the ranks of the knights through deed. To achieve this rank you will need to show willing to grow the guild and involve yourself in it's day to day activities. You will be an active and experienced member.

This is the rank for those that have shown themselves to be a helpful and friendly member of the guild. You will also have represented the guild for a period of time as well.

The rank that the majority of the guild will be at. You will have the ability to invite members. To achieve this rank you will need have to be representing the guild for some of the time.

All new members start here.

Other ranks are as follows:-

Annoying Ally
These are members of our allied guild REAP. They may occasionally ask for help and we will ask them for help as well.

Mad Willy
This rank needs no explaining. Also this rank carries and a "you must be 18 years old to party / speak or otherwise engage with the Willy"
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Guild Ranks
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