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 Please Read - Guild Ranks

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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: Please Read - Guild Ranks   Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:38 am

Morning all,

As most of you will be aware over the last week we have seen quite a bit of growth in numbers and this, while good for grouping, brings several issues with it. One of which is the ranking system, I am not always going to be on to organise things so we will need a group of people who can take the initiative to do so and, at the moment, I do not feel that the rank system we currently have is adequate for the numbers we have, especially if we keep growing at a similar rate.

Currently the rank system is:-

WvW Commander
Blood Reaper
Blood Letter

And there are two special ranks, Annoying Ally for our allied guild which has no actual power and Mad Willy who is equivalent to a Reaper.

The names were partly an in joke which about 5 people will get in the guild.

So I now propose a rank system on the following lines:-

Guild Leaders (probably 3 people working as a pseudo-commitee, or I may keep it as a dictatorship)

Lord Commanders: This is where WvW / PvP commanders will live. Will have all the same rights as Lords as well. I will also expect them to undertake the Lord role as well.

Lords: Those players who are reliable and willing to organize events and run dungeons etc... when I or the other leaders are absent. Will have full access to guild resources to do this.

Knights: A minor lord. This will be a rank for those who have represented the guild for a period of time and have proven themselves an active member. Eg speaking in guild chat and taking part in guild activities. These will be promoted when a number of squires has been met.

Squire: A new member who has taken an interest in guild activities. This is in reality where most members will be. Will also be the first rank that can recruit and gain access to the guild treasure trove.

Peasant (need a less deeming name): Newbies! Will have next to no power.

The Annoying Ally rank and Mad Willy rank will remain.

This will hopefully stratify the ranking system a bit more and make it easier to understand as it follows the old feudal system.

Any thoughts?
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Asu Asura Bongo

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PostSubject: Re: Please Read - Guild Ranks   Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:34 am

So if I'm correct that would make;
You = Guild Leader
WvW Commander = Lord Commanders
Heralds = Lords
Knights = completely new
Squires = Blood Reaper
Peasant = Blood Letter

Something like that?

I must say I'm always fond of new ranks and I even think it might improve activity and participation if you could add another one. As I see it, where I drew the line, above are the organizers, below are the participators. In this case, I would propose you put an extra rank up above Knights. People who see they still have a rank to work towards (without having to start organizing) will mostly be more active out of ambition.

You could split up the Lords as only "Lord" and "Lord of ..." for the participators and organizers respectively. Or you could make a total new rank, being for example a split between an actual Knight, which would be highest, and a Hedge Knight (aka the roaming knight, free knight) which would be lower. This last way would allow you to use Lord of .... as an extra for the Lords Razz

Lastly I would always be much obliged to come share that fat seat of dictatorship with you, that way you have an extra large brain with you, without too much extra space needed for the body mwuhahaha
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Hawkwind Aegis

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PostSubject: Re: Please Read - Guild Ranks   Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:32 am

The ranks work, however due to how permissions on the guild bank work it may be worth looking at adding in something that equates to a PvP/WvW regular rank so you can give them access to the blueprints and such.

But that depends on how much you want to segregate up the ranks.

Beyond that I rather like the grouping you've proposed so far.
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Candy Spoon

Posts : 76
Join date : 2013-08-25

PostSubject: Re: Please Read - Guild Ranks   Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:01 pm

Asu, I was actually toying with the idea of having separate Lord ranks and that is something that I may do in the future if it is warranted. I also have a limited number of letters for each rank as well which may mean some names are changed. With regard to another rank that is actually not a bad idea and will have a think on it this afternoon.

Hawk, with regard to access to guild bank I will keep it at Lord level for now on the basis blueprints can be quite valuable and we have had a case of someone stealing (admittedly low level food and a tiny amount of silver) when everyone had access to it.
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Katarina Un Falas

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PostSubject: Re: Please Read - Guild Ranks   Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:53 pm

My name is Kermit, and I approve this message.
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PostSubject: Re: Please Read - Guild Ranks   

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Please Read - Guild Ranks
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