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 Asu Asura Bongo

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Asu Asura Bongo

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PostSubject: Asu Asura Bongo   Mon Oct 07, 2013 5:37 pm

I totally didn't notice that I hadn't introduced myself.

I am Asu Asura Bongo, also known as Asu or Mister Bongo, the short one, the little one and, when in dungeons, the dead one Razz I am also known as "that Doodle person", so if there are open Doodles, you might expect me to come haunt you at night.

I'm mostly here in the evenings on fixed times, though I sometimes dare to come online during the day should I not be able to come online in the evening.

I'm 22 years young, still enjoying the empty, free time overflowing life of a student. I come from Belgium, from Antwerp, which is in Flanders, the good part of Belgium (bad luck for you Walloons ey Razz no hard feelings though).

You can always find me on Skype under the adres "".

Should you ever have trouble finding me, there are 3 simple steps;
1. Look down, I might've been there all along, I'm just too short to notice.
2. Look for any downed or dead people, I usually take the lead in this and it is my personal expertise
3. Call out my name, before you know it, I will be cuddling your leg Very Happy
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Asu Asura Bongo
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