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 Player vs. Player 101

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Katarina Un Falas

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PostSubject: Player vs. Player 101   Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:28 am

Hey people.
Personally, this is a thing that's never spiked my interest in pretty much any game. PvP. 1v1 PvP stuff just doesn't seem.. Interesting to me. It's the whole "So I have the coolest armor, best weapon, and least life so I beat you LOL."
I would like to get into some PvP, though I have no feel whatsoever with PvP in Guild Wars. Any veterans in this who can share some overall advice? Or is it just "queue up, get crushed a million times, and then figure stuff out"? :PAny do's and don'ts?

Would like this thread to be a "This is working well" or "This is working like hell" kind of thing. Share some experience, discuss, agree and disagree Smile
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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: Re: Player vs. Player 101   Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:06 pm

It looks to function the same as it did in GW1, ie that there are 1v1 and there are also random teams and "picked" teams.

as for "having the best sword = winning" you will be glad to know that the equipment you have in PvP is totally separate from your PvE. So everones stat bonuses will be the same. There is also a system of unlocks similar to GW1.

That being said I have not done PvP in this game but my understanding is that most classes are reasonably balanced, so long as you know how to deal with perma-stealth thieves.

May be worth reading up on the forums etc... about current meta-builds and how they work / counter to them.

Best policy is to jump in and see what works. We can always get a 5 man team going if there is interest enough.
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Player vs. Player 101
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