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 This evening (02/09/13)

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Candy Spoon

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PostSubject: This evening (02/09/13)   Mon Sep 02, 2013 12:13 pm

Hello All,

As you are probably aware big changes to the GW2 universe are coming. If not, please read:-

(Edit: Also see: )

What this post concerns is ascended crafting mats. These have a chance from falling from champ loot boxes. I have personally been saving my champ boxes since I saw the above article on the basis that opening them will give me a chance for the ascended materials.

As this is the last day of scarlets invasion, with all those lovely champion spawns, i suggest that this evening we simply do invasion events and grab as many boxes as possible. That way we can open them tomorrow, after the update, and hopefully it will be like Christmas come early and we will get lots of materials.

This is an idea even if you do not craft as those materials will be worth a pretty penny on the trading post.

(further edit: Even if the new drops only start on items obtained after the 3 September we will still get loadsa loot)

Anyone else up for this?

- Candy Spoon
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This evening (02/09/13)
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